Inglis Street

Inglis Street


Uniacke-Sawyer House, located on Inglis Street in the south end of Halifax, is a municipally registered heritage property dating back to 1872. The home was actually the second house ever built on the street, marking it as a landmark of the neighborhood.

Directly adjacent to this home, occupying the corner of Inglis and Ivanhoe Streets, is currently a parking lot. This proposal would see a 16-unit apartment building take up that space instead, following the important rule of good urban design that a building turns the corner much nicer than a parking lot.

The proposed building has been designed to strongly follow the prominent architectural features of its historic neighbor including massing, proportions, rhythm and materiality. The building has been carefully articulated to take cues from the defining characteristics of Uniacke-Sawyer House, being sure not to simply copy the historic building but to re-interpret its significant components in a considered modern way. The project seeks to further the dynamic, evolving trajectory of the South End by introducing a contemporary piece of architecture in a careful and thoughtful manner, with a nod to the past. 

Inglis Plans RHAD.jpg
Inglis Front Elevation RHAD.jpg
Inglis Side Elevation RHAD.jpg